My story-2

"There was a blizzard outside and my doctor couldn’t get to the hospital but lucky for me I had a huge crush on the doctor that was on call.” - Camille Love (my mom)

This is how my mom describes the day she went into labor with me. There was a bad snowstorm outside. NO BIG DEAL. Her doctor, who had been caring for her throughout her pregnancy, couldn’t get to the hospital. NO BIG DEAL. She remained determined to stick to her plan of a natural delivery with no pain medicine. NO BIG DEAL.


Why NO BIG DEAL? Because none of that mattered after my mom realized the doctor who would be delivering me, after her doctor got stuck in the storm, was her version of Dr. McDreamy -- the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.


Thanks to the doctor on call and my warrior of a mom-- I came into the world safe and sound. 


I describe myself as one part sweet, one part sass, and one part sparkle. I lead with my heart, learn by breaking the rules, and live for excitement.


I've also been obsessed with the male sex for as long as I can remember. I blame my mom and Dr. McDreamy for that.

I had my first kiss under the stairs in the 3rd grade and my first official boyfriend in the 6th grade.

I just knew my 6thgrade boyfriend and I were going to get married and have lots of kids. That didn’t happen.


He’s now married to someone else (I went to their wedding), and they have lots of kids, so at least part of that prediction was correct.


With the exception of my almost-husband, who was a lovely guy (but again, now married), I have been drawn to date emotionally dysfunctional, selfish, narcissistic, and alcoholic men. Sometimes all rolled into one. Sometimes not. 


Since growing out of my #hotmess dating stage, I have been on a mission to bring bold, authentic, honest love to the world… And to sprinkle it with a little humor.


As a reformed perfectionist, I have accepted that perfection is for basic bitches. And so? I've accepted that my life is sometimes a mess.


I love to eat but can't really cook. I love a cocktail but can't hold my liquor. And I ugly cry occasionally.



Copy of 6 months old

Today, I'm figuring out what my next adventure will be.

I have recently closed a business and stopped recording my first podcast. There are so many reasons why but most important of them all is that I needed to move on to my next chapter in life. 


I focus mostly on boys (relationships) and business (entrepreneurship). I speak, write, and conduct workshops on the challenges of entrepreneurship and how owning your “mess” and harnessing the power of your pain can help guide your future.


I believe that life happens FOR us – not TO us. Even when things get messy, there are lessons in that chaos. Granting ourselves permission to be a “mess” is not for anyone else, it’s for ourselves. Through the power of our messy truths, we can let go of perfection.


I live in Atlanta (my hometown) with my 1-year-old dog, Bo Benjamin Love, who barks at the wind, has a tendency to hump when he's excited and has a better social life than the majority of people I know.


If you haven't already done so, check out my page on Medium.

Perfection is for basic bitches and I'm neither perfect nor basic. Cheers to making a mess and living life on your own terms!

-Crystal Love

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